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The Sixties
4/25/2008 - Joy Collins

I had an unsettling experience yesterday. While getting ready to go on a trip with my husband, I suddenly developed chest pain. Not the pressing squeezing type you hear about but enough that it caught my attention. And it lasted for almost half an hour. Accompanied by some shortness of breath and some dizziness. Okay, better pay attention. So we cancelled the plane reservations, cancelled the hotel, cancelled the car. Called the people we were supposed to visit and off we went to the Emergency Room. Of course, by that time I was feeling pretty good but we went through the whole examination process anyway.

Had the EKG.


Had blood work.


Doctor comes in and says. "We're going to admit you for precautionary reasons."

No, I feel fine. I don't want to stay.

And then he said it."When women are in their sixties, we have to err on the side of caution. This could be serious."

IN THEIR SIXTIES?! He didn't actually say that to me to my face, did he? For one thing, I only turned 60 last month. To me, that still doesn't qualify as "in my sixties", okay? Let's get that straight right here and now, Doctor- I- have- underwear- older- than- you. I'm just getting the hang of this sixty thing and you're no help.

Then, I started to think about that word.


Maybe it was the nitropaste they slapped on me but I started to free associate and wondered how that word had now become the enemy. There was a time when I loved the "sixties". I revelled in being a child of the sixties. The sixties were good times. Revolution, the best music, freedom. I came of age in the sixties.

And now I'm just feeling aged.

As it turned out, my heart was fine and I was sent home that night when my cardiologist came in. He took off the nitropaste, said I didn't need it. I had a horrible headache from it and some new thoughts.

I guess I need to come to terms with the sixties, then and now.

Yup, I'll get right on that -maybe tomorrow.

10 Comments From Other Members
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4/25/2008 Joyce Norman from Birmingham AL wrote:
I know the feeling. Just got to keep your oil changed and your maintenance up-to-date. Glad you're fine.
4/25/2008 CJ Golden from Newtown CT wrote:
Joy, you can still be a child of the "sixties". Who said that our child within must leave us as we enter a specific decade? As a matter of fact, while being in my "sixties" has brought about some novel aches and pains and health concerns, it has also brought about the emotional and psychological freedom to fully enjoy the kid in me: something I couldn't do when I had been busy raising my kids (and myself) the past few decades. So, you are now a child of the sixities - in all the true senses of the term. Be proud of that - and enjoy it.
4/25/2008 Loretta Crist from Oak Hill WV wrote:
4/25/08 Loretta Crist from Oak Hill, WV. I, also, know the feeling of being in my "sixties" all too well. People just won't let you forget it. I fully remember, when I was a adolescent, thinking that everyone older than I was looked so old. Well, I thought, they had to be "in their sixties at least!! Well, as they say-----what goes around, comes around. I've learned to enjoy what I have and who I am. As a matter of fact, I like me just the way I am-------which happens to be "in my sixties".
4/25/2008 Ebie Brown from Saratoga Springs NY wrote:
Consider the alternative to aging--that puts it into a whole new perspective! It's a good thing! What we lose in springy joints we gain in wisdom, serenity (okay, I'm still working on that one!) and resilience. We got this far--why stop now? Hang in there, Joy--glad your heart is good, and I hope you get to take that trip after all.
4/25/2008 DB Metzger from NY wrote:
And remember, you can't trust anyone over 80.
4/25/2008 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts -- I love the sixties connection -- the "sixties" were such a powerful time for us. And I'm all for rediscovering the child. I am discovering my true self for the first time in my life -- finding that person I so wanted to know and be but didn't trust in the sixties. Now is good no matter what the numbers say!
4/25/2008 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
Joy.. SOOOOO glad this was nothing serious. You were smart to take it that way, though. Think of it this way.. if the 60s are all about sex, drugs and rock and roll.. in a stretch, one can make the connection to both definitions!
4/25/2008 from wrote:
From what I'm observing with problems as we age, we're not drinking enough water. Sorry, I know this is maybe an easy remedy but, we're all going to have to try it. Could be the problem. Just we need water.
4/26/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
I feel liberated now that I have crossed the great divide. I have accepted myself and my flaws and I continue to work on those things that have always been a struggle, like my weight. But the drive is different. This is about a new understanding I am having with me. .......But the real gift is not caring what others think. I have never been a defferential woman and people reacted to that. They seem to respect it more now as I think I have mellowed with wisdom. I also feel a twitch and wonder if it is serious but I seem to survive. I share the relief that you are okay.
4/27/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
When I turned 60 over a year ago I felt the best about any age I ever encountered. I'm actually enjoying the 60's with all my aches and pains - because now I have the control. Younger people think your over the hill - so play the -over the hill card! All I have to say to my kids is - well - you know I'm in my 60's and thus my argument is won! As for excuses to everyone else - well - the phrase 'you know I am in m 60's' only works for those younger - the rest of you all 'get it'. I loved your blog - thanks for your wisdom mixed with humor.

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