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We Need to Name Our Project
11/30/2008 - Suzanne Caplan

I can have a separate blog set up this week but what shall we call it? Must be a short title in order to fit. We can have two or three members to get access and the rest can comment. We can change this from time to time. It will be found on a separate space but I am thinking about front page access.

For me, I need to start with an honest assesment of why I do not do something good for myself that I really want to do. I like the days when my eating has been light....I feel light. And then something happens and I head for the kitchen.

I do not eat much sweets...I see the medicinal value in chocolate but do not keep it around me. I am a it hypoglycemic and sugar reves me up too much. But I will make an omelet in the middle of the night. It is a stress reaction.

Now we come to exercise. I am not very limber but I do like to move. It makes me feel better and makes the day go smoother. I need to get to a trainer and I have been meaning to for months. Why do I let the efforts I make for WE and my other projects stand as excuses?
I understand the food more than I understand the moving.

Who wants to be the first onboard on this movement. Michele things we are a great book....I think we are a situation comedy.

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11/30/2008 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
We are both, Suzanne! And why don't we do the things we want to do when we know we should do them? Because doing the wrong thing feels good for the moment. It is uncomfortable to discipline the body and the mind, and that's what ti will take to change habits that have been in place for years. The path of least resistance is to do what we know. When stressed...eat! When happy...eat! When sad...eat! We have to change not only what we DO, but how we THINK, and that is a monumental task. I heard someone say once, "When it becomes too painful to continue doing what you are doing, you will change."
11/30/2008 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
"From Fat to Fab!" "It Takes A Village to Lose Weight" "WE Losers Together" "Winning at Losing" (which could give us an acronym: WAL...then if we sold stuff, we could be WalMart...oops, that one's taken!) "Taking Back Life Together" I'll try harder, I promise...
11/30/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
How about - LIFE: - loving, ?, feeding, exercising - because to me it isn't about losing or winning - it is about life - living and living healthy - and enjoying life outside addiction to what holds us down and keeps us from our dreams of who we really are to ourselves and each other. I couldn't think of a "I" word - I'm too busy fighting an adopted cat while decorating a tree - augh!
11/30/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
Okay - how's this? "LIFE" Love, Inspire, Fulfill, Encourage - something like that?!?
11/30/2008 Robin Avery from Miami Shores FL wrote:
"Ready and willing to Lose" I am often unavailable because of work, but I enjoy so much coming back. I would enjoy participating in this as well. Let's not lose sight of all the things we do right. Eating is tough because we have to eat and it's fun which leaves us vulnerable. But we do stop. To have a healthy beautiful body feels great but requires more effort and patience, as does any work of art . It requires strategies. And when we choose poorly, which we all will do it requires acceptance and creating a new strategy to fit that situation so we will handle it better next time. I'm in.
11/30/2008 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
I don't have a clever title, although I've been trying to come up with one.. but I DO believe in baby steps. I cannot list the number of times I've gone full speed ahead with a litany of sacrificial "must-do's"..only to fall back. Total denial and the resulting "lack" mentality sets me up for compulsion. Asking myself to move for only a short time each day, or coming up with something I can stick with are important. Then, I can move ahead from there. This last time, until I got sick.. it worked beautifully. Tomorrow, I start again.. baby steps.
11/30/2008 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
'A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER WE"...which pretty well covers both body and state of mind. Depends on what WE want to dump into it blog-wise. I think, as a group, we need a common bond to get through all of life's "situations" whether it's fat, thin, death, new life or conflicts together.
12/1/2008 DB Metzger from NY wrote:
The Daily Etcetera Hugs and wishes You are, what you are etc...
12/1/2008 Jackie Reed from new york city ny wrote:
"One day at a time, no anonymity necessary." I know kind of long but...cut off the anonymity. Sounds too much like a 12 step blog anyway.. Oh, change one day at a time etc... for one blog at a time. that's it for my two cents.
12/1/2008 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
It's very timely that this in on all your minds -- it has been on mine as well. I started a diary last week hoping to find the real reason I have a propensity to self destruct -- I have come to believe it is a love thing - or lack thereof. And I decided last week to begin today not January 1st -- I can't wait another day! I have a title for a book in mind for myself but it occurred to me it might work for the blog - shall I share? Will you let me have it back if I need it? My title is: Loving Yourself Thin ; our blog could be Loving Ourselves Healthy

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