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The Words of My Father
1/21/2009 - Suzanne Caplan

Obama gave a speech about the world that resonated in my ears. There were warnings and aspirations and responsibilities that I have heard all of my life. By they were given to me as an individual and the speaker was my own father.

He never told me that things would be easy and he never told me that I would not have to work for what I wanted. In fact, he taught me the value of work when I was a teenager.....I worked in the family business when it wasn't legal for others of my age to do so. But children do not need a work permit because we get an allowance not a pay check.

He told me about my ethical obligations to others.....being honest and fair and teaching by example. The only thing he forgot, was to tell my sister not to torture me. Can I report her to the Hague 50 years after the fact? I still have some of the scars.

So, I like Obama and I will give him more than a short chance. My father was right when it came to how I should live my life and if we all joined in for mutual good, this country would be that shinning star on the hill that Reagan promised us. I am ready to be called to action.....

Does this sound like a Plan to you?

5 Comments From Other Members
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1/21/2009 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
You betcha - I've already hopped on the bus Gus! Let's be sure we have lots of chocolate with us. We're going to need it.
1/21/2009 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
I will give him a chance, too. There's substance to the idea of joining for common good. This is a new beginning. Blaming has no place here. Yet, I'm afraid any mistake of the Obama administration will be seen as runoff from the past. We have to get beyond that.
1/21/2009 CJ Golden from Newtown CT wrote:
Suzanne, have you read Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers"? He talks about success coming from being in the right place at the right time, having the people behind you to show you the way, and understanding and thriving on hard work. Our communal success will come when we work together to achieve our goals. Yes. it certainly sounds like a Plan to me.
1/22/2009 Sarah Harkins from Portland Pa wrote:
We were raised with the same values in our home.
1/22/2009 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
It does indeed sound like a plan.

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