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Today's Herstory
9/13/2008 - DB Metzger

Today in Herstory: Chiang Kai-Shek becomes President of old China. Margaret Chase Smith becomes first woman to serve in both houses of Congress and the LPGA is formed. It’s also the premiere of the Rockford Files (a Maverick you can believe in)  and The Outer Limits. Princess Grace dies in a car crash. RIP

 122 Building begins on Hadrian's Wall (73 miles) in order to protect the Roman Empire.

1788 New York City becomes the capital of the United States (and State) until 1790.

1882 Britain invades Egypt. Here’s a brief chronology of Egyptian history

1906 the first airplane flight takes in Europe. Remember Alberto-Santos Dumont?

1943 Chiang Kai-Shekbecomes president of China. Later is known as the man who lost China.

1948 Margaret Chase Smith becomes the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress.

1949 A year later the Ladies Pro-Golf Association of America is formed. Know what year the first golf association was formed?

1961 Car 54 Where are you debuts. Only lasted two years. but can you imagine the Munsters without Fred Gwynne or Grandpa Al Lewis.

1963 The Outer Limits premieres. Do you remember Outer limits trading cards?

1965 The Today Show goes to Color on this date.. Interested in the evolution of  broadcast technology.

1971 at Attica Prison 9 hostages and 28 prisoners die in takeover.

1974 The Rockford Files debuts on NBC. Now he was a Maverick in modern garb.  

1977 the First Viewer Discretion warning is issued for a TV show. The program was Soap. Led to the slippery slope of gay marriage on TV and the coming of Bill Crystal.

1990 Senate Judiciary Committee opens hearing on confirmation of David Souter

1993 Conan O’Brien begins his hosting of Late Night on NBC.

Notable Birthdays

1819 Clara Wieck Schumann (composer, pianist)

1827 Emily Bradley Neal Haven(children's writer, editor

1844: Anna Lea  born (artist)

1844: Ann Eliza Webb Young (wife of Brigham Young; but later wrote and lectured in opposition to Mormon polygamy)

1851 Walter Reed US Army Surgeon, proved mosquitoes transmit yellow feverThe army hospital named after him is  about to close.

1857 Milton Hershey, U.S. chocolate Manufacturer is born.

1865 Maud Ballington Booth (Salvation Army religious leader, writer)

1866Lutie Stearns (librarian, reformer) traveling libraries

1883Frances Newman (librarian, writer

1925 singer Mel Torme. Remember the Mel-Tones

1982 Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) died in a car crash



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