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today in herstory
11/11/2008 - DB Metzger

Today in Herstory: Happy Armistice Day. The first medical school for women opened in 1848. The Memorial for women who died in Vietnam is authorized. The Church of England allows women to become priests in 1992 and happy birthday first lady Abigail Smith Adams, writer Anne Green and actress Maude Adams.

1647 Massachusetts passes first compulsory school law. Hereís the law itself

1714 A highway in the Bronx (named after Jonah Bronck) is laid out which turns out to be East 233rd Street.

1848 Boston Female Medical School opened. The first to allow women.

1917 Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawaii died

1918 World War 1 armistice is signed. Hereís a timeline which resulted in over 29 million dead.

Today is veteranís Day. Originally known as Armistice Day,

1925 Cosmic rays are discovered by Robert Millikan.

1931 the great Black Blizzard hits the great planes. Also known as the dust bowl.

1938: "Typhoid Mary" -- Mary Mallou -- died after more than twenty years in detention in New York as a typhoid carrier

1959 the first episode of Rocky and his Friends airs.

1965 Rhodesia proclaims independence from Britain.

1975 Angola gains independence from Portugal.

1982 Columbia Space Shuttle makes 1st commercial flight.

1991 Memorial to women who died in Vietnam cleared final authorization step

1992 Church of England General Synod votes -- by two votes -- to accept women as priests The general synod

Notable Birthdays

1744 Abigail Smith Adams born (First Lady, letter writer, farm manager)

1846 Anna Green born (mystery writer) The Leavenworth Crane.

1821-1881 Fydor Dostoyevski Russian Novelist

1872 Maude Adams born (actor)

1904-1996 Alger Hiss state department offiicial accused of being a soviet spy.

1896-1962 Lucky Luciano old time gangster

1922 Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

 Quote for Today

If perticuliar care and attention is not paid to the Laidies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, no Representation. [sic]

Abigail Smith Adams

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