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Herstory Today
2/7/2009 - DB Metzger

Today in Herstory: Negro week celebrated for the first time and Amelia Earhart and George Putnam marry.  The British Railway is nationalized and Joe Dimaggio becomes first one hundred thousand ballplayer as Joe McArthy finds so called “Communists” in the foreign Affairs department. In Birthdays Charles Dickens, Emma Nevada,  Laura Ingalls Wilder and Dame Edith Evans.

 1882 Last bare knuckle champion John L Sullivan KOs Paddy Ryan in Mississippi

 1898  Frances Willard died (reformer, WCTU president, suffragist)

1926  Negro History Week celebrated for the first time — forerunner of Black History Month.

1931 Amelia Earhart and George Putnam married

1936 Felix the Cat, makes a comeback in a film by Van Beuren from Otto Messmer

 1948 British railroads nationalized

 1944 Bing Crosby recorded "Swinging on a Star.."

 1946 Filibuster in US Senate kills FEPC bill. Then and now and the nuclear option.

1947 Arabs & Jews reject British proposal to split Palestine

 1949 Joe DiMaggio becomes 1st $100,000/year baseball player (New York Yankees)

 1950 Senator Joe McCarthy finds "communists" in US Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 1965 U.S. begins regular bombing of N. Viet Nam. Here’s a timeline

1970 "Hollywood Palace" last airs on ABC TV

 1971  Women win voting rights in Switzerland

 1974 Grenada gains independence from Britain.

1979 Pink Floyd premiered their live version of "The Wall" in Los Angeles

 1986 Haitians overthrow dictator "baby doc" Duvaliar.

 1991 Aristrade is inaugarated as the first democratically elected president in 186 years. 7 months later he is exiled.

 Notable Birthdays

 14781535 Sir Thomas More Lord Chancellor of England.

 1804-1886 John Deere the tractor guy

 1812-1870 Charles Dickens the one and only.  (

1818-1895 abolitionist Fredrick Douglas

1832  Hannah Whitall Smith born

1859  Emma Nevada born singer  

1867-1957 Laura Ingalls Wilder Wisconsin, children's book author (Little House on Prairie

 1870-1937 psychologist Alfred Adler

1871  Ethel Perrin first president of Women's division, National amateur athletic federation,

1883-1983 Eubie Blake musician

 1885- 1951 Sinclair Lewis http://www.english.ilstu.edu/separry/sinclairlewis/default.html

1888  Dame Edith Evans born (actress)

1908-1985 Buster Crabbe Olympic star to Flash Gordon Serial hero.

1918  Ruth Sager born

Quote for Today

I shall always work to advance the happiness and prosperity of my peoples.

— Queen Elizabeth II,

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