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herstory today
3/11/2009 - DB Metzger

March 11th

Today in Herstory: A theme of media ownership and deregulation takes shape, beginning from in 1702 to Rupert Murdoch now the owner of The Wall Street Journal. It is Romeo and Juliet’s wedding day. Then there’s the British occupying Mesopotamia in 1917.  Iraq today. It’s also the day that The Girl Scouts were formed and the Popsicle was created as was the Bureau of Indian Affairs. In Birthdays include Newspaper owner Dorothy Schiff and Eliza Jane Holbrook

 0537 The Goths (East German tribes) lay siege to Rome

1302 Romeo & Juliet's wedding day, according to Shakespeare

1702 the first daily newspaper was launched in England "The Daily Courant" from Fleet Street.

1779 US army Corps of Engineers established (1st time)

1823 first normal school in US opens, Concord Academy, Concord VT . This was basically what is now called a Teachers college. Training teachers to teach.

1824 US War Department creates the Bureau of Indian Affairs

1861 the Confederate Conventionin Montgomery Alabama adopted a constitution. Here a confederate timeline

1892 the first public game of basketball is played in Springfiield MA. Originally played with peach baskets and a soccer ball by both women and men.

1912 the first Girl Scout Troop is formed by Juliette Gordon Low.

1917 British troops occupy Baghdad (Mesopotamia) in order to protect oil interests. That brings us to 2007/8 and the myth of the Surge.

1931 Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was born. In 1983 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of media. In 2000 the number had fallen to 6 corporations including News Corps.

1959 Lorraine Hansberry’s "Raisin in the Sun" opened on Broadway. First play on Broadway written by a black woman.

1966 Military coup led by Indonesian General Suharto breaks out. He’s currently in the hospital as he awaits to go on trial. He’s responsible for the invasion of E. Timor in 1975. He was estimated to be worth 15 billion in 1999.

1971 The FCC informed the Networks that Prime time would be limited to 3 hrs a night making way for local programming in the 7-8 time slot. Yes Entertainment Tonight and Extra qualifies as local programming.

1981 the impetus was to de-regulation. Here’s the background.

1979 Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat sign peace treaty in Washington DC aka the Camp David Accords

1985 Mikhail S Gorbachev replaces Konstantin Chernenko as Soviet leader

1986 Popsicle announced its plans to end the traditional twin stick treat for a sleeker one stick popsicle. It was originally invented by an 11 year old.

1986 NFL adopts instant replay rule. Then it was dropped, then….

1996 Vince Edwards actor (Ben Casey), dies of cancer at 67. The show itself (1961-1966) was a response to Minnow calling TV "A vast wasteland."

1997 FormerBeatle Paul McCartney knighted Sir Paul by Queen Elizabeth II

Notable Birthdays

1829 Sarah Dolley Opened a clinic for women and Children

1869  Beatrice Winser leader in visual arts and education.

1893 Wanda Hazel Gági llustrator of Children books. (Millions of cats, ABC Bunny)

1896 Eliza Jane Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson poet and journalist. Became first woman publisher of the Daily Picayune. In Louisiana.

1898  Dorothy Gish actress and sister of Lillian.

1903-Dorothy Schiff publisher (New York Post) Pre- Murdoch)

1923 Agatha Barbara- President of Malta 1982-1987

1914-1994 Ralph Ellison author The Invisible Man http://www.learner.org/amerpass/unit14/authors-4.html

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