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herstory today
3/12/2009 - DB Metzger

March 12th
Today in Herstory: First naturalization act in the Colonies. The post office is established. The first College for Women opened in Mississippi. And Sun Yat-Sen dies. and FDR
Gives first fire side speech. Malcom X resigns for Islam and Susan Butcher wins the Iditarod and Exxon pleads guilty to the Valdez disaster. In birthdays Charles Studebaker, and Jane Delano of the American Red Cross.
1664  the first naturalization act is passed in the American colonies. A law was passed prohibiting marriage between English women and black men enacted.
1664 New Jersey becomes a British colony
1789  the US Post office is established. Can you name the first Postmaster General?
1850  the first $20. Gold piece was issued by the Mormons. Here’s how the Denver Mint began
1868  Congress abolished the manufacturer’s tax.
1884  Mississippi University for Women was established. the first US state college for women.
1925 Sun Yat-Sen Chinese revolutionary president, dies at 58
1926 Denmark begins unilateral disarmament. From the League of nations archive.
1933  FDR conducts his first fireside chat.
1945  NY becomes the first state to prohibit discrimination by race or creed in employment.
1945 USSR returns Transylvania to Romania. Here’s more besides where Dracula allegedly came from
1955  Alto Saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker dies.
1964  Malcolm X resigns from The Nation of Islam.
1970 US lowers voting age from 21 to 18. If you can be drafted you can vote.
1980 John Wayne Gacy is found guilty of murdering 33 people in Chicago.
1984 National Union of Mine Workers in England begin a 51 week strike against the Conservative Government and loses. here’s more detail from the BBC
1986 Susan Butcher wins 1,158 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
1990 Exxon pleads guilty to the Valdez tanker disaster
Notable Birthdays

1806 Jane Means Appleton Pierce born spent some time in the Whitehouse

1819 Sarah Eleanor Bayliss Royce born her life began as a covered wagon journey.
1831-1932 Clement Studebaker Before the car there was the wagon. then Neither.  
1832-1897  Charles Boycottestate manager in Ireland. his name became a verb as an expression of abstaining.
1845  Blanche Galton Whiffen born Early Broadway actress
1862 Jane Delano born founder American Red Cross
1871 Louise Mathilde Powell born
1876  Helen Sumner Woodbury born social economist
1877 Annette Abbott Adams born american lawyer and judge
1883  Ethel Collins Dunham born first woman pediatritian
1927-1969  Jack Kerouac still on the road somewhere.
1928  Edward Albee Playwright
1946 Liza Minnelli daughter of Judy Garland. from her last marriage with David Gest
1948 James Taylor Boston MA, vocalist/guitarist

1950 Jon Provost actor (Timmy-Lassie) From the what ever happened to list.
Quote for Today
One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.
Marie Curie

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