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Herstory today
8/2/2009 - DB Metzger

Today in Herstory: Fifth Avenue in NY is founded. Wild Bill Hickok is shot from behind, the "dead manís hand." .The first Lincoln head pennies are minted and Chester Arthur dies just before scandal breaks out. Hedy Lamarr is arrested for shoplifting and Shari Lewis and Roy Cohen pass. In Birthdays, Myrna Loy, Archie Bunker and Mary Louise Parker and Isabel Allende.

1776  The Declaration of Independence (adopted July 4th) was finally signed by all members of the Continental Congress.

1824 Fifth Avenue in New York is founded.

1858  1st street mailboxes-Boston, Mass

1876  what hand was Wild Bill Hickok holding when he was shot from behind? Itís known as "the dead manís hand"

1909 1st Lincoln head pennies minted

1923  President Harding dies before scandals break (Teapot Dome)

1934  Hitler becomes German Fuhrer when Weimer Republic President dies.

1939 Einstein urges U.S. atomic action. He would change his mind and build a nice FBI file.

1943  PT-109 rammed & sunk. Imagine if the swift boat veterans had been around for JFKís 1960 Presidential campaign. Hereís an article from 1944 that appeared in The New Yorker.

1965  Morley Safer reports weíre losing in Vietnam. This filing was the exception to the rule

1979  Yankee catcher Thurmon Munson. Died in a plane crash. Thereís a long list of "notable" plane crashes. Playing what if, Would John Kerry be running for president today if Senator John Heniz hadnít died in a 1991 crash?

1986  Roy M. Cohen dies at Bethesda Naval Hospital. You can rent Angelís in America, or go here for more on Republicans caught with their pants down.

1988  Raymond Carver poet/short story writer (Furious Season), dies at 50

1990  Iraqi forces seize Kuwait. Hereís a timeline up to the 2002 invasion

1991  Hedy Lamarr is arrested for shoplifting. She was exonerated. Can you guess how many times she was married.

1998  Shari Lewis (Hurowitz) died (ventriloquist) Remember Lamb Chop

Birthdays of Note

1896  Sarah Tilghman Hughes born (judge)

1900(?):  Helen Morgan born (singer)

1905-1993  Actress Myrna Loy has a birthday

1924-2001  Archie Bunker also known as Carroll OíConnor.

1924-1987  American Novelist James Baldwin who spent his most creative years in France, living in poverty rather Then segregated America.

1942 : Isabel Allende born (writer)

1964:  Mary-Louise Parker born (actress) Presently starring in Weeds on Showtime.

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