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herstory this day
1/16/2010 - DB Metzger

On Today's menu: Prison reform, Prohibition, Public enemies, Playboy, Supergirl and Mona Lisa, who is  finally outed. But not by Doctor Laura whose birthday it is. Also that of Ethel Merman, Susan Sontag and Marilyn Horne.

1893 Abigail (Abby) Hopper Gibbons died. She was a prison reformer who founded with her father, The Women’s Prison Association.

1919 the Eighteenth Amendment is ratified. Prohibition was repealed March 23 1933.

1935 Ma Barker and Fred Barker (her son) are killed in Florida by federal agents

1936 The Screen Actors Guild incorporates with King Vidor as president. But do you know it’s first employee? 21 year old Marjorie Van Buren

1939 The Comic strip "Superman" debuts. But when did “Supergirl” first appear?

1968 Robert R "Bob" Jones founder (Bob Jones University), dies at 84. The prohibition on interracial dating was repealed in 2000.

1973 NBC presents 440th & final showing of "Bonanza" Did you know that Ben Cartwright had three wives. One for each son. Not much information on how they died?

1985 "Playboy" Magazine announces the end of stapling centerfolds. And we finally solve the riddle of the woman who posed for DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. She is actually Lisa del Giocondo the mother of five and wife of a wealthy Florentine Merchant. Not exactly the girl next door.

Notable Birthdays

1837 Ellen Russell Emerson native American ethnologist and writer.

1909 Ethel Merman musical comedy star. She created 13 roles on Broadway between 1930 and 1959

1933 Susan Sontag essayist, short story writer and novelist. (Illness as a Metaphor)

1934 Marilyn Horne Bradford PA, mezzo-soprano

1947 Dr. Laura Schlessinger radio host who is not really a Doctor (PH.D in physiology) but definitely homosexual averse.

1947 Georgette Mosbacher CEO (La Prairie cosmetics) and former co-chair of the Republican National Committee. An interesting sidelight, Her stepfathers brother was radio host Jean Shepard.

1974 Kate Moss English supermodel with the Cocaine eyes – The Paris Hilton of British Tabloids, however she has appeared on over 300 magazine covers and hasn’t put out a sex tape yet. She’s made it to 34, and could be really interesting if she makes it to 50.

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