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this day in Herstory
7/24/2010 - DB Metzger

The French land at what is now Detroit. The Soviet blockade of Berlin begins and it's the date of the great kitchen debate between Nixon and Nikita K. Robert F. Kennedy is buried and Muhammed Ali is sentanced to jail for refusing induction. In birthdays Junichiro Tanizaki and Zelda Fitzgerald.

1701 the French land at the site of Detroit. Here’s a look at the early history of Motor City .

1704  Great Britain takes Gibralter from Spain

1866  Tennessee becomes first confederate state to be readmitted into the Union .

1948 Soviets blockades Berlin from the west. Thus the airlift.

1950 V-2/WAC Corporal rocket launch; The first launch from Cape Canaveral

1952 Truman settles the 53 day steel strike. The war at home.

1959    Remember"The Kitchen Debate" between Nixon and Nikita?

1963 16 year old Billy Clinton shook hands with JFK in the Rose garden, which figured prominently in his 1992 presidential campaign. Here’s more on the the Clinton Administration, and the people who hated him.

1965 Casey Stengel l resigns as manager of the NY Mets

1968 The burial of Robert F. Kennedy

1969 Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army on appeal

1984 a nine year old girl’s murder put an innocent man in jail. justice gone wrong.  check out the Innocence Project As of today  255  men have been exonerated through DNA forensics.

Notable Birthdays,

 1783 Simon Bolivar freed 6 Latin American republics from Spanish rule 

1866  Mary Margaret Bartelme (suffragist, lawyer, judge; worked on issues of female delinquency)

1876    Jean Webster McKinney (writer)

1886  Junichiro Tanizaki Japanese novelist whose writings are characterized by eroticism & irony. Wrote The Tattooer; Some Prefer Nettles; The Makioka Sisters.

1900 Zelda Fitzgerald wife of the guy who wrote The Great Gatsby.

1920 Bella Abzug (Savitzky) was the first Jewish woman elected to congress  

1897  Amelia Earhart  missing aviator and pioneer for women in flight.

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