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this day in Herstory
1/31/2012 - DB Metzger

Evaporated milk is invented and Jesse James pulls his first bank job. Scotch Tape goes on the market via 3M. The Green Hornet premiers on the radio and sadly, Ham the Chimp becomes the first animal in space via a mercury capsule. And in 1964 the Surgeon General admits "that smoking may be hazardous to your health." In birthdays we have sociologist Alvah Myrdahl, Carol Channing and Norman Mailer who died just last year.

1842: Elizabeth Tyler married in the White House. She died at 27 during childbirth. Daughter of President Tyler, mother Letitia,married to Wiliam Waller.

1851 Gail Borden announced the invention of evaporated milk.

1865 the 13th amendment was approved abolishing slavery and Robert E. Lee was named commander of the Confederate armies. Here’s more on reconstruction

1874 Jesse James and his gang . pull the first train Missouri train robbery. In Gads Hill.

1917 Germany announced it was beginning a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. Here’s a timeline.

1928  Scotch Tape was first marketed by the 3M company.

1936 The Green Hornet radio show was first heard on WXYZ Radio in Detroit.

1945 Pvt. Eddie Slovik becomes the first American executed for desertion since the Civil War.

1948 Magnetic tape recorder developed by Wireway and here’s more media/technology news from 1948

1949 These are My Children the first daytime TV soap opera was broadcast from the NBC station in Chicago.

1950 President Truman reveals that he ordered the Atomic Energy Commission to develop the hydrogen Bomb

1957 Elizabeth Taylor divorces #2 husband, Michael Wilding

1958 The U.S. entered the space age with the launching ofExplorer I from Cape Canaveral.

1961 Ham the Chimp become the first animal sent into space via a Mercury/Redstone capsule.

1964 US report "Smoking & Health" connects smoking to lung cancer.

1969 The Beatles performed for the last time on the roof of Apple Headquarters for the Film Let It Be.

1984 Edwin Newman retired from NBC news after 35 years.

1988. The Wonder Years debuts.

1990 McDonald’s Corporation opens its first restaurant in Moscow.

1992 Howard Cosell does his last show on ABC radio.

1992 MTA raised tolls on most New York City NY bridges from $2.50 to $3.00 It wouldn’t be the last time.

2006: Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, retired

2006: Alan Greeenspan’s last day as head of the Federal Reserve, after 18 years. His legacy? A lot better back then than now as a "free market cheerleader".

Notable Birthdays

1797 Franz Schubert composer in the shadow of Beethoven.

1872 Zane Gray Western Novelist

1902: Alva Myrdal born Swedish sociologist and Nobel prize winner.

1902: Tallulah Bankhead actress

1914- Boxer Jersey Joe Walcott

1919 Jackie Robinson 1st black major league baseball player

1923 Norman Mailer mayoral candidate/novelist (Naked & the Dead) Died last year.

1923: Carol Channing  (Hello Dolly) star. Revealed in 2002 that her fiather was black.

1937 Philip Glass Baltimore MD, composer (Einstein on the Beach)

1938: Beatrix Wilhelmina Argardborn Queen Regent of Netherlands

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