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this day in Herstory
2/2/2012 - DB Metzger

First shipload of Chinese labor arrive in SF to work Gold mines. The National Baseball League is formed and Custer made his last stand. Frank Sinatra (1940) sings for the first time and Buddy Holly performs his final one. Boris Karloff dies and The radio shack TRS-80 comes out, the first home computer.Today is the birthday of Ayn Rand, Elaine Stritch and James Joyce

962 Saint Adelaide crowned empress of the Holy Roman Empire with her husband, Otto I

1141 King Stephen of England was captured by forces loyal to his cousin, Empress Matilda (Maud), daughter of Henry I who named her his heir and made his barons swear fealty to her.

1848 1st shipload of Chinese arrive in San Francisco to work in gold mines. Here’s a timeline

1876 George Armstrong Custer fought his last battle at Little Big Horn

1876 and the National Baseball League is formed with 8 teams.

1940 Frank Sinatra's singing debut in Indianapolis (Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)

1950 1st broadcast of "What's My Line" on CBS-TV

1957 Elizabeth Taylor married Mike Todd

1959 Buddy Holly's last performance

1959 Vince Lombardi signs a 5 year contract to coach the Green Bay Packers

1962 eight of the nine planets are aligned for the first time in 400 years. Interested in finding new planetary systems?

1967 the American Basketball Association is formed to rival the NBA.

1969 Boris Karloff dies at the age of 81.

1970 Bertrand Russell philosopher, British MP, dies in Merioneth at 97

1972 Burt Sugarman’s The Midnight Special debuts Friday nights on NBC. It was the precursor to MTV and ran till 1981

1977 Radio Shack officially begins creating the TRS-80computer and Radio shack itself began in 1921

1979 Sid Vicious punk rocker with the Sex Pistols dies of a heroin overdose in a NYC jail before he can be brought to trial for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

1985 O.J. Simpson marries Nicole Brown. Need I say more.

1993 Hillary Clinton bans smoking in the White House.

1995 the Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off. Here’s a program history

1996 hoofer Gene Kelley Dies.

Notable Birthdays

1650 Nell Gwyn (actress, mistress of Charles II)

1811 Delia Salter Bacon born. Did not believe Shakespeare wrote own work. Thought it was Sir Francis Bacon.

1848 Sarah Ann Hackett Stevenson born
1881?: Anne Bauchens film editor

1882-1941 Novelist James Joyce

1905-1982 Ayn Rand writer (Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead) She still has a following

1909: Simone Weil  Christian, philosopher, activist

1920 Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories.

1928 Actress Elaine Stritch.

1947 Actress Farrah Fawcett from the bad fads web site

Quote for Today

If there's one thing I have learned by personal experience and by observing people around me, it's that a person's life actually starts from about 35 on.

— Ayn Rand

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