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this day in Herstory
5/25/2012 - DB Metzger

The Constitutional Convention convenes. Oscar Wilde is sentenced to jail for sexual preference, the first Olympics in which females were allowed to participate begins, Henry Ford halts production of the Model T. and the first Public TV station opens in Texas in 1953. Sarah Breedlove Walker dies and Beverly Sills is born and Midnight Cowboy is released with an X rating.

1787 the Constitutional Convention convenes in Philadelphia

1825 The American Unitarian Association is founded

1895 Oscar Wilde sentenced to 2 years hard labor for being a sodomite

1900 Eyre M. Shaw, 78, becomes oldest Medalist in the Olympics It was the first Olympic in which female athletes participated.

1914 British House of Commons passes Irish Home Rule. Then it was suspended because of War.

1919 Sarah Breedlove Walker died, leaving multimillion dollar estate (businesswoman)

1927 Henry Ford halts production of the Model T.The assembly line is retooled for the Model A. The Original cost of a Model T in 1908 was $1000. By 1927 the cost was down to $300.00. Ford paid his assembly-line workers $5.00 per day. Fordís anti-Semitism is no secret. A book The American Axis sheds light on both Fordís and the FBI attitudes back then. As for the present,

1935 Jesse Owens equals or breaks 6 world records in one hour

1937 Babe Ruth hits his 714th home run (his final) as a member of the Boston Braves

1945 Arthur C. Clark proposes relay satellites in geo-synchronous orbit

1950 The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel opens in NYC

1953 1st non-commercial educational television station-Houston TX signed on the air.

1969 "Midnight Cowboy" is released with an X rating and wins the Academy award for best picture.

1973 Three U.S. astronauts are launched for rendezvous with skylab 2. The space station.

1976 In Japan, IBM Japan announces the IBM 5100 desktop system with 5-inch monochrome display. The Price is about $14,275

1977 Star Wars is released. The force was with them.

Notable Birthdays

1680  Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh founder of Haddonfield, NJ, and Quaker leader

1886 Leta Stetter Hollingworth (educational psychologist)

1887 Sue Shelton White (reformer, lawyer, public official)

1905 Dorothy Porter Wesley (librarian, black history scholar)

1928 Mary Wells Lawrence (copywriter, advertising businesswoman)

1929 Belle Silverman   (Beverly Sills)

1803-1882 Ralph Waldo Emerson, Philosopher and Transcendentalist

1927-1991 Robert Ludlum the spy novelist

1926-1991 Miles Davis Jazz Musician

1874-1949 Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Quote for Today

A happy woman is one who has no cares at all; a cheerful woman is one who has cares but doesn't let them get her down.

---Beverly Sills

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