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this day in Herstory
7/3/2012 - DB Metzger

Quebec is founded, Washington surrenders to the French. 21 years later he'd lead another army.  the first savings bank opens its doors in NYc and the Pony Express takes off. as does Amelia Airhart. It's also the end of the Algerian war with those pesky French again.  Roy's horse Trigger dies but is memoralized by being placed  on display. 

1608 City of Quebec founded by Samuel de Champlain

1754 George Washington surrenders to French at  Ft Necessity (7 Years' War)

1775 Washington takes command of Continental Army at Cambridge, Mass. From the Library of Congress.

1819 1st savings bank in US (Bank of Savings in NYC) opens its doors

1861 Pony Express arrives in SF with overland letters from NY. Up to 250 miles in a 24 hour day. About 10 miles per hour.

1886 The first NY Tribune printing using the first commercial Linotype machine   known as "Blower".

1915  The U.S. occupies Haiti where they remained until 1934. Good neighbor Policy or protect the Panama Canal from European powers at war. Here’s a short overview with links to a history course on Haiti. .

1937 Amelia Earhart vanishes over the Pacific in a Lockheed Electra 10-E.

1939 Lou Gehrig day; Gehrig makes "luckiest man" speech. An estimated 5,000 are diagnosed with ALS each year.

1962 Algerian Revolution against French ends (Algeria gains independence on 7/5)

1978 Supreme Court rules 5-4, FCC had a right to reprimand NY radio 
station WBAI for broadcasting George Carlin's "Filthy Words" here’s the actual case law argument FCC v Pacifica Foundation.

1988 Missiles from the Vincennes brings down an Iranian airliner killing 290 passangers.. Theories abound. as to whether the Lockerbie bombing was retaliation by Iran. Or was it Libya? Where’s the CIA when you need it.

1965 Roy Rogers Horse Trigger dies at the age of 33. He was stuffed and put on display at the Double R Bar ranch in Apple Valley California.

1971 Jim Morrison lead singer of The Doors dies.

1989 Jim Backus died. Actor from Gilligans Island and various voices from the cartoon age. Did you know one of his teachers in grade school was Margaret Hamilton, later to be known as the wicked witch From The Wizard of OZ.

1993 Jurassic Park opens to record sales. Here’s a film data base if you follow gross ticket sales and films.  

Notable birthdays

1861  Charlotte Perkins Gilman – Feminist Novelist (herland)

1913  Dorothy Kilgallen , columnist, socialite (What's My Line?). Died somewhat mysteriously in 1965.

1927 Ken Russell English director (Crimes of Passion, Women in Love)

1937 Tom Stoppard playwright (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern-1968 Tony)

1945 Michael Cole, actor Pete of the Mod Squad  tv show

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this day in Herstory

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