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this day in Herstory
7/27/2012 - DB Metzger

Cromwell is executed and the potato is introduced to Europe. Cyrano de Bergerac dies and Maximilian marries Carlotta. The hamburger is created (for the fries) and the fox trot comes into being. The bonus Marchers are evicted from Washington DC and an Army bomber crashes into the Empire State building. Alice in Wonderland is opens and Diane Arbus commits suicide. Birthdays include Earl Tupper and Jim Davis of Garfield the cat fame.

The year is 1540 and Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIIIís chief minister is executed and Henry marries for the 5th time

1586 Sir Thomas Harriot introduces the potato  to Europe from the Americas .

1655 Cyrano de Bergerac French dramatist/novelist, dies in Paris

1856? The Marriage of Maximilian and Carlota

1868 The 14th amendment grants citizenship to ex slaves There was much debate at the time about reparations (40 acres and a mule) for the Freedmen

1886 The Metric system becomes a legal measurement (but not mandatory)

1900 the hamburger is created by lunch wagon owner Louis Lassing in Connecticut . Actually there is some controversy over who actually created the hamburger. No, it doesnít include Ray Kroc.

1914 TheFoxtrot 1st danced at New Amsterdam Roof Garden in NYC, by Harry Fox.

1931 Congress makes the Star Spangled Banner our 2ndnational anthem.

1932 President Hoover evicts the bonus marchers from their encampment in Washington D.C. Hereís a reprint from History magazine promulgating Herbert Hooverís point of view that the March was organized by the Communists and the crowd was made up of criminals and non-veterans who forced the army to use violence in order to maintain order. Sound familiar?

1943 FDR announces end of coffee rationing in the USA.

1945 US Army bomber crashes into the 79th floor of The Empire State Bldg. 14 die

1951 Walt Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" is released in theaters.

1965 LBJ increases troop strength in Vietnam from 75 to 125,000. Sec. Of Defense McNamara says the conflict would be over in two years. Soon to come The Pentagon papers known today as Wiki Leaks.

1971 Diane Arbus  photographer, commits suicide at 48. Both her work and life was filled with controversy.

1977 first oil flows through the Alaska pipeline. Hereís a brief history of pipelines

Notable Birthdays

1768Charlotte Corday born (assassin of Jean-Paul Marat)

1777: Jane McCrea and Sarah McNeil captured by Native Americans working for the British; Jane McCrea's story became an American standard

1841: Linda Richards born (nurse, educator)

1853Lucy Salmon born (historian)

1875: Mary Olszewski Kryszak born (public official, Polish American activist)

1878?: (July 2) Genevieve Cline - lawyer, judge

1907 Earl Tupper was born. Can you guess his claim to fame? Hint; remember Katherine Rossís Fatherís advice to Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, about going into "plastics."

1933 Crooner Rudy Vallee (1901-1986) delivered the first singing telegram to himself on his own birthday. Actually it is George P. Oslin of Western Union who is the father of the singing telegram.

1944 Jim Davis cartoonist ( Garfield the cat). Hereís an article in Slate about the rotund kitty.



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