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this day in Herstory
8/15/2012 - DB Metzger

The Mayflower set sail from England, the Panama Canal opens and The US invades The Soviet Union in 1918. The Howdy Doody Show begins and Wiley Post and Will Rogers die in a plane crash. We discover that The French Chef whose birthday it is, today, was a spy.  Birthdays include Edna Ferber and Ethal Barrymore.

1620 The Mayflower sets sail from South Hampton, England with 102 Pilgrims. One of those with a heritage from the original Mayflower pilgrims was Sydney Biddle Barrows, better known as the Mayflower Madam who ran a string of girls’

1870 The Transcontinental Railway  is actually completed

1914 the Panama Canal officially opens.

1918 1st full length cartoon (The Sinking of the Lusitania) by Winsor McCay. Called the father of the animated Cartoon. and the US & Russia sever diplomatic ties which leads to the Siberian Expedition – US invasion of Russia

1935 Wily Post and Will Rogers killed in plane crash in Alaska.

1948  Howdy Doody (Buffalo Bob) become a weekly program. In 1956 the show moved to Saturdays.

1960 A  UFO is sighted by 3 California patrolmen but there were no pictures. Here’s a site with photo’s.

1965 the Beatles play Shea Stadium. She Stadium is only 3 months away from turning into a parking lot. When Citi Field opens on April 14th The Beatles remain popular.

1973 Black September kills 11 wounds 55 in Athens during the Olympics.

1977 a radio telescope at Ohio State picks up a signal fromdeep space. Known as WOW.

1981 It must be the 80’s as Charlie’s Angels begins it’s run on ABC.

1991 750,000 attend Paul Simon's (without Garfunkel) free concert in Central Park The Park has had new sod and old fashion grass put down since then.

 Notable Birthdays,

1771 Scottish Novelist, Sir Walter Scott best known for "Lady in the Lake" and "Ivanhoe",

1814  Sister Anthony O’Connell born (Roman Catholic nun, Civil War nurse, hospital manager

1838 Mary Cunningham Logan (writer, editor; wife of John Alexander Logan (Black Jack), lawyer, politician, Civil War Union commander of the 31st Illinois Infantry; sister of Capt. Hilbert A. Cunningham, 15th Tennessee C.S.A., who deserted and in 1863 became an aide to John Logan, then Major General)

1841 Julia Tutwiler born (educator and prison reformer)

1860  Florence Kling Harding born (First Lady)

1879 Classical actress Ethel Barrymore has a birthday today. Can you guess her connection to Charlie’s Angels?

1188 Edna Ferber (writer) Showboat and Giant were made into movies.

1887 Marion Eugenié Bauer born (musician, educator) headed NYU Music Department.

1896 Gerty Theresa Radmitz born (Nobel winner, biochemist, physician)

1912 The French Chef Julia Child. Her kitchen set is at the Smithsonian. And it is now known that she was a spy.

1924  Phylss Schlafl y who rose to prominence when she headed the "Stop the ERA" movement. She’s currently the head of the Conservative Eagle Forum. She never met a feminist she didn’t dislike.

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