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The Debate
9/27/2008 - Janice Farringer

The presidential debates went on as planned this evening. I did what I did during the moon landing many years ago, I dusted and vaccumed up a storm with the TV up loud.

I thought it started well enough. Then John McCain started his pattern of saying, over and over again, that Senator Obama didn't understand this and didn't understand that and and didn't understand the other. It was so patronizing and vulgar and patently untrue that I got really annoyed.

If during the vice-presidential debates Joe Biden says anything like Sarah Palin doesn't understand this issue or that policy (which by the way she doesn't on many levels) there would be such outrage from the Republicans
claiming sexism that we would have to spend another week listening to talking heads debate that silliness.

But if I say that McCain's references to Obama's grasp of international issues was racist and condesending, it will probably go unnoticed. Well, I'm saying it anyway.
I believe McCain used the words he used in a calculated attempt to appeal to latent racism (or overt racism) in our society. It was tantamount to calling Obama "boy."

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9/27/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
I saw it much in the same way but frlt that Obama held his own and by that fact alone, he wins. McCain is obsessed with the 18 million in earmarks but loves his 300 million is tax breaks to corps. and high worth individual so they can through a bone the the rest. I survived the debate, I am relieved.
9/27/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
I agree Janice and Suzanne and I wished I could have had a few questions of my own thrown in. As a mother of a soldier I'm glad that Obama came back at McCain with a mother's remark that she doesn't want another mother to lose a child in a war. McCain can't get off the words - losing/winning - that doesn't fit this war - it's over - mission accomplished. And I found him very condescending also - not to mention - he never looked at Obama when responding. The decisions will be made by the undecided, I hope they saw what we did. Now let's keep moving forward.
9/27/2008 Bev Sykes from Davis CA wrote:
I thought McCain was dismissive and rude to Obama. Obama talked to him directly, McCain never referred to him or looked at him, but spoke only to Lehrer. I thought Obama looked presidential. When it came to people explaining their positions, I thought Obama seemed more clear and McCain's feelings about the war and the economy scared me. Granted, I was supporting Obama to begin with. I suspect that this isn't going to change any supporter's opinion. As you say, it's the undecideds who are the target here! I'm still waiting for someone to explain "winning" in Iraq!
9/27/2008 CJ Golden from Newtown CT wrote:
I'm right with you, ladies - however, my greatest concern is that this is an election that will be won on emotions and not logic, It is my observation that most voters already have their minds made up and no commentary, debate or rhetoric will work towards changing those minds. I hope I'm wrong. JFK won the election through those debates. I pray that Obamas strength, dignity and intelligence helps those who are undecided recognize the leader that he is and will continue to be - if allowed.
9/27/2008 Lia Hadley from Luebeck SH wrote:
I read an article about how many voters are registering to vote in swing States. Is that possible for any American to do, or just for people who are property owners in those states? It is still my hope that those people who are momentary undecided will make some connection between the present state of economic affairs and the the fact that the incestuous relationship between corporate and government leaders has helped create it.
9/27/2008 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
I agree with Bev.. McCain was dismissive and rude.. unwilling to look Obama in the eye. It was pretty clear that both of their handlers had been drilling them. McCain's job was to point out Obama's supposed inability to understand the issues and procedure.. his lack of experience in the world arena. And Obama's job was to agree with McCain as much as he could.. which he pointed out again and again ("I agree with John" "John's absolutely right").. then clarified his own stance. At the end, the Obamas went to the McCains to shake hands.. not the other way around. It was a classy move.
9/27/2008 Bev Sykes from Davis CA wrote:
Sue -- I noticed that too, that it was the Obamas making the first move to shake hands with the McCains. It wasn't a "meet in the middle" sort of thing. Bad form on the part of the McCains.
9/27/2008 Janice Farringer from Chapel Hill NC wrote:
Lisa, you don't have to be a property owner to register to vote any where in the United States. One woman, one vote. The reason that folks are registering in the swing states is that both sides are out there pounding the pavement to try to get more people to register to vote. It isn't automatic. And once they are registered you hope they will actually vote. Isn't it a shame that not everyone thinks it is a duty to vote in our democracy? I live in a swing state, North Carolina.

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