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Food and Us
11/30/2008 - Susan Terbay

Since so many of us are wanting to get on board with Suzanne about becoming more healthy I thought about food and its part in our life. As I read some of the comments about eating and also the joy and fun of entertainment with food I realized much of that also reflects me. What is it about having a table filled with food? What is it about watching others enjoy the bounty of the feast? What is it about food that connects me to my friends, children and even at times complete strangers?

We all know that food sustains us but we have become a society in which food isn’t about sustaining us but also instant gratification. Fast food is just that – fast, food and food feeds us. What joy is there in devouring two Big Macs, double fries and a diet coke? Nothing except instant filled up stomach full of non-healthy items. Taste good because we crave fats and sugars – but then what?

I think what happens when we celebrate with others, we go back to our inner desire to nourish and nurture – so our meals become a part of us – much like the milk we gave our babies or the milk given to us as babies. It speaks of love and life.

As I start this new part of my journey I’m hoping to use that part of me to nurture and nourish myself as I would those I love. This body of mine isn’t perfect – never was – and yet it encases my very soul and shouldn’t that encasement be treated with the dignity and nourishment it deserves?

I don’t want the food I eat to define me – I want to define myself by the food I serve to myself and to others. I want food to be a celebration as it is for the holidays – not in so much in abundance but in love.

Food also defines security – if our cupboards are full and the frig is full – then we feels a sense of security because we have items that will keep us alive. The reality of the world is that many do not have such food, cannot sustain themselves and thus because of need of nourishment and nurturing fall victim to those who give them food in return control their souls.

WE have the power to not only nourish each other but also the gift of caring to reach out to those who need our nurturing. We ourselves therefore define the food we serve – not the other way around. WE can do this and do this with dignity, pride and wisdom – the true women that we are.

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11/30/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
We also use food as a substitute for love and as a drug of choice. Some of us eat down our anger If we can not respond to what isi happening around us, we turn it inward. I had a mother who gave food as the only way she could manifest her love. She was a very quiet women. I need to think about what it means to me and how I use it.
11/30/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
That is so true Suzanne. I thought of the fact that food can be an addiction as well. Perhaps we can help each other find that which keeps us from achieving that love which we think food provides. We just need to realize we are the food of love - not the food.
11/30/2008 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
Part of coming to terms with addictions is finding other things to take its place--that has to be done. With food it's harder, because as Robin says in the other blog, we must eat. But there are ways to find sweet substitutes that nourish our souls rather than feed already full bodies. That can be part of our journey together.
11/30/2008 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
My female internist said, "If I see you in Wendy's or any other fast tood restaurant, you are no longer my patient..." And she hasn't, but I do so miss those French fries! My daughter is a therapeutic dietitian and, in each long-distance conversation we have, "bad" food is mentioned and I am reminded. It's not fun, but let's remain healthy so we can blog at each other for years and years to come!
11/30/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
The reports coming out about the next generation of young children truly bothers me because so many eat fast food more than home grown foods and/or well prepared foods at home. Their life expectancy is shorter than ours at this going rate. If we are the mentors as we should be for younger women especially - then by example alone we need to demonstrate the value of life and soul . This is our life journey together - and WE can do it!

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