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7/10/2009 - Susan Terbay

Okay Dorothy I did everything you stated and I don't have the option to 'insert' - it could be because I'm using  Firefox - which is so different than usual pc programs.

I have tried at least five times - feeling like I'm in labor and nothing is coming to life from efforts!  augh!

any suggestions?!?!!?

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7/10/2009 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
I have Firefox so it isn't that. Have you uploaded the picture? Then can you find the picture listed? Highlight then insert? When you highlight the picture does it show up in the window before you insert? If there is just an icon of a picture and no picture then it is a picture format problem. Let me know about that and then we'll go from there.
7/10/2009 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
Okay I have uploaded the picture, it is listed. If I click on it - it appears in the 'window' - very large - very large - the only option I'm given is use file. So I click on that and it takes me to that very first screen we get and I tell it baseline and I try to indicate size - but then I have nothing that tells me to 'insert' - there is some kind of information at the bottom which isn't in English but even at that - there is no tab or click 'insert'. If you want to try it - it is listed facebook photo - something like that.
7/10/2009 from wrote:
On another subject, I'm still being kicked off this site and having to log in constantly. Is this happening to anyone else? It never used to happen; what's the webperson done?
7/10/2009 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
I notice that as well Celia - but I figured it was because I don't come onto the site often enough but I know what you are stating.
7/10/2009 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
Ok, you have to expand the window. If the window is small it hides the "insert" which is at the bottom of the page. Do you know how to do that? It's like other pages: up in the right corner, click on the center box. Also, I am also getting kicked off the site all the time too. It's something with the site. I'll alert Suzanne if she doesn't read it here! I'll keep checking in to see if you can't get the photo posted Sue. You can put a size in the box to resize the picture, I usually just put 100 in the top box & let it adjust. Then when it's in you can resize using the corner of the pic.

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