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Who Says Banks Don't Care About People?
9/23/2010 - Susan Terbay

I feel a strong pressure to speak up for banks and their customer service people - both here and outsourced.   After all, these people call me every day of my life - sometimes more than once a day especially if I do not answer the phone.  They are checking to see if I'm okay to send them money/payments or whatever they want to call it. Sometimes they want to 'make a deal' with me.  And sometimes when leaving a message, they want me to know it is 'important' that I return their call.  

Now that's comforting!   They worry about me not being in my home at the time of their calls and want to let me know 'they care' by telling me it is important for me to contact them. 

My children don't call me several times a day- or for that matter some don't call me for days on end.  And never do I get a message from them that it is 'important' that I call them back - unless of course it is to babysit or they need something....

So I just feel like I need to speak up for the banks who hold my credit life in their hands - saying 'thank you' for checking up on me and giving me the comfort to know that no matter what my state of being - they will always call to check up on me. 

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9/23/2010 nancy lendved from winterville ga wrote:
I suppose I should be grateful that they care so deeply about me too!
9/23/2010 from wrote:
Ladies, you must be being facitious, surely. I hate any type of telephone marketting and get quite cross with them as they never fail to interrupt what I'm doing. I wonder though if they'd stop calling if you began to launch into a 'tale of the day' and wouldn't let them get a word in edgewise. It might be one way of getting on a 'don't call' black list (i.e. don't call *her*, she never stops talking!!) LOL.
9/23/2010 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
Actually I figure I'm helping the job market by keeping such people employed!! If I paid my bills on time I would be one less person on their quota list!!! As for answering - my voice mail does that for me - and I look and choose who I wish to talk to - but it is nice to know that I could 'talk' to these caller about my life - since they interrupted it - it's the least I could do for them! :)

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