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How will Healthcare Reform Affect Me?
3/26/2010 - Christine Traxler

Healthcare reform is coming down the pike.  So what does it mean to healthcare screening, healthcare for the poor and businesses who need to provide healthcare coverage for their employees? 

First of all, there will be an end to pre-existing conditions so that any child who needs insurance can get it despite pre-existing conditions.  In 2014, there will be a similar ban on pre-existing conditions in adults.  Businesses who have less than 50 employees will receive tax credits that cover up to 50 percent of the employee premiums. 

The Medicare Donut hole will be filled by fifty percent so that Seniors and the disabled wonít have to pay such high prices at the end of the year for medications.  The cutoff age for coverage under a parentís healthcare plan will rise to aged 27.  The lifetime caps on healthcare will be banned and annual caps on insurance will be banned in 2014. 

Adults with pre-existing conditions will be covered under a temporary high risk pool and the pre-existing condition limitation will be banned altogether in 2014. 

Preventative care receives a big boost.   New insurance plans must pay for preventative care, including healthcare screening.  No copays will be requested of any patient and all preventative care will be free to those with insurance by 2018.  People canít be cut from an insurance plan once they get sick.  This gets rid of insurance companies dumping patients who have high risk or expensive conditions. 

Insurance companies must reveal how much money is spent on overhead with their company.  This may, in part, eliminate those companies with high overheads due to exaggerated salaries of executives in the companies. 

There will be a new appeals process for anyone who thinks that they arenít being treated properly by health insurance companies.  There will be a tax on any services done by indoor tanning beds.  This begins on July 1, 2010.  New screening procedures will occur to cut down on fraud and waste in the health insurance companies. 

Chain restaurants will be required to disclose their nutrient content, including caloric content, of all foods.  Calories may actually be required at the fast food drive throughs.

A program will be required to help those patients that retire earlyóas early as 55 years of age so that they have better coverage for health conditions.  There will be better consumer information located on the internet by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  It will help individuals find better insurance options that are affordable to them and their families. 

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