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Pet hates and stickers
4/2/2009 -  

Everyone has pet hates, right? Or should I call them petty hates, because they often are. Things that annoy one person won't even cause another to blink. Still, I just have to tell you about two pet hates of mine.

First, are those little stickers slapped on to every piece of fruit you purchase, unless it's bought straight from the farm. Arrrgggg, I hate having to peel them off. Think about the waste of paper, the glue it must take; the ink! Why not have one sign placed near the fruit--most people can read can't they? Why create more needless waste? I just wonder how many tons of these things are produced every year. To help save the world, why don't they stop producing things like this?

My other pet hate is people who phone to sell you something and when you ask them who they are exactly, they say something like 'Gobbledeegoop Solutions' spoken so fast you can't grasp what they say.

So you say, "Excuse me, who did you say?"

And they repeat, 'Gobbledeegoop Solutions,' just as fast but louder--as if you might be hearing impaired, and you still can't tell who it is. You rack your brain to know if you've heard of these people, but nothing comes to mind. I never like to ask a third time. 

I'm so tempted to say, "Eh? Eh?" until they hang up. I'm the one to hang up though, just hoping it wasn't anyone important.

What are others' petty hates?




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4/2/2009 Mary Johnston from Solon IA wrote:
Celia, first let me say that I thought this blog was about pets, as in animals. So initially I thought you had a pet that hated stickers. Which made me laugh. But I'm a fast learner. Today my "pet hate" is a slow moving computer--both at work and at home. I think it's a conspiracy.
4/2/2009 from wrote:
Oh, lol, well, there's a slip of the pen for you, yes, it does read like that doesn't it. Should have used petty in the title, too.
4/2/2009 Jackie Reed from new york city ny wrote:
I like pets but bankers and hypocrites drive my hatey. Ask me again next week. I'm someone who can fill a tent with a myriad of disgruntled moments aimed at a large range of disparate people and actions. My own big tent philosophy.
4/3/2009 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
You've heard it before: #1 Drivers who do not signal. #2 Cell phones attached to people wandering up and down the grocery aisle. #3 Dumpster divers who scatter trash all over our alley looking for "treasures" in our garbage bags #4 People who throw trash out their car windows and it lands on my front lawn #5 Spam #6 A bank that makes mistakes and blames you #7 Grocery baggers who tend to stuff some bags with 20 pounds of purchases when a little old lady is standing in front of them ... and idiots in general... and on, and on...
4/3/2009 from wrote:
Oh yes, Mary, all those things too! Especially the cell-phones. See a driver weaving across the road? He's on a cell-phone, you can bet your life on it. However did we manage all those years without being *attached* to a phone? Soon, they'll be implanting them in peoples' heads, you wait. Probably are already for all we know.

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