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Cyber Monday: no stomping allowed
11/30/2008 - Jackie Reed

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Cyber Monday is closing in on us. Here are places to look for the best deals via the internet while hopefully avoiding the, you know, stomping and such

While black Friday has been around for years not everyone enjoys fighting the crowds at insane Oclock freezing cold. Luckily the Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday, supposedly the biggest online shopping day of the year.

There is also a way to go green and do some belt tightening in the process.

A deep recession (or worse) is in the holiday forecast but
belt–tightening does not have to ruin the festive mood. Here is one
painless way to cut expenses while giving the planet a much-needed 
break: Resolve not to buy any new clothes, not even a tight new belt, 
For anyone for a whole year, starting now.

Then there is dispensing of old or rarely used clothing through Consignment (resale shopping) or thrift shops..

Savvy shoppers see resale as their best shopping secret. They get
Interesting, quality gifts at a fraction of the price they would 
pay at a regular store, even on sale... and that makes shoppers
very, very happy. The attraction is twofold: you can give something
unique and save a lot of money. American consumers are going to be 
on a money diet this holiday season, but smart shoppers can easily 
give everyone on their list three times as much when shopping resale 
without sacrificing excellence. They will also find items with their
 original price tags still attached. People get things home and 
don't like them as well as they did in the store or never find the 
perfect match for that garment they just had to have—it happens 
more frequently than one would expect 

In the end remember Caveat Emptor

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11/30/2008 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
My friend, Flip, let me in on her consignment store and it's a treat to go there. I save up my credit card points, and send out gift certificates to local restaurants. This year my daughter may get a "bound" book of my WE blogs and, when in doubt, bake cookies and brownies. I also love outlet shops! You're my kind of lady, Jackie!
11/30/2008 Jackie Reed from new york city ny wrote:
Tell us more. All I know about Outlet shops is what I blog. Except for this great used book store which also handed out credits for books bought and returned.

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