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Are men funnier then women?
4/3/2009 - Jackie Reed

The controversial Germaine Greer (author of The Female Eunuch 1970) is still around and has a few ideas on the subject

Germaine Greer does not think men are the funnier sex. But they are better at banter, innuendo and clowning. So what's holding women back?

Here’s a paragraph from her recent article in The Guardian.UK  which might be no laughing matter. Or is it?

The greater visibility of male comedians reflects a greater investment of intellectual energy by men of all walks of life in keeping each other amused. It is now a truism that men never talk to each other about things that matter. Most of what takes place when men are together is phatic communication, intended to build fellowship rather than intimacy. This kind of communication is sometimes derided by women as meaningless, but it is actually functional, because it draws the group together. Men who drink, play and joke together are boon companions, who hang together for fun. He laughs loudest who laughs last; one joke kicks off another. The man who cannot hold his own in repartee will even learn other men's jokes off by heart, so that he can fill a void in the general banter. Women famously cannot learn jokes. If they try, they invariably bugger up the punchline. The male teller of jokes is driving towards his reward, the laughter of his mates. The woman who messes up the same joke does so because her concentration is not sharpened by that need. She is not less intelligent, simply less concerned.

 Which may be another way of saying that men are little boys at heart.  Just a thought. The article has a few more, not my own.

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4/3/2009 from wrote:
I don't know about men being funnier, they're certainly more peculiar.
4/3/2009 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
As a young woman, I was a clown and the laughter and applause of an audience was acceptance of me and love...it felt good. It never dawned on me that because I was female I couldn't be funnier than a man...I just did it, and still do when the occasion arises. And, yes, you can't be afraid of making a fool of yourself because it's not really you, it's the "character" you are portraying and you can hide behind that character.
4/3/2009 LeAnn Farley from Mt. Pleasant IA wrote:
I think that both men and women use humor as a means of bonding within their same-sex groups. Also, I really enjoy good comedy by either gender. However, it is often said that women love men who make them laugh; and I'm not sure that men feel this same way about funny women. (However, a wonderful female social work mentor once told me that her trick to working with teenage boys was to get them to laugh.) It might be a stereotype, but I have a feeling that in general men's humor is more likely to be bawdy or physical, while women's might be more verbal and intelligent.

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