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The Origin and History of Black Friday
11/24/2008 - Melissa Harmon

General Use: One of the major U.S. holiday shopping days. The day many U.S. consumers begin Christmas shopping. The day is heavily promoted by retailers

Origin:The origin of Black Friday comes from the shift to profitability during the holiday season. Black

Friday  was when retailers went from being unprofitable, or "in the red," to being profitable, or "in the black", at a time when accounting records were kept by hand and red indicated loss and black profit

Black Friday In the negative sense http://www.answers.com/topic/black-friday

     1869 Black Friday a stock market crash in the US   

     1919   Black Friday  - a riot in Glasgow stemming  stemming from industrial unrest.

     1939 Black Friday  - a day of devastating fires in Australia

     1978 Black Friday - a massacre of protesters in  Iran

     1982  Black Friday  - known in  Britain  after Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands spaarking the Falklands War.

      2005 Black Friday    a crackdown on a peaceful protest in the capital city of Maldives, Male.

For those of you who look at where to go for the best buys on Black Friday click herefor 10 online sights that point you in the right directions  for the best deals.

Get on your mark, get set...take another pill and go back to bed. The sales have already begun in order to shrink an over supply of inventory ordered over the summer, prior to the serious downturn.


5 Comments From Other Members
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11/24/2008 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
By the 'way, my friend found "the pot" mentioned in my blog and is now no longer potless! There is hope, fellow shoppers! Ready, set, go...................
11/24/2008 CJ Golden from Newtown CT wrote:
I was watching t.v. last night - something I don't often do - and was amazed (tho not surprised) by the plethora of "bargains" various retailers were offereing the public. From games to Ipods to cars - a sign of the times, I know. But perhaps this will begin a trend of selling these items at more affordable prices even when the economy picks up? Quite a concept; selling wares at prices that we can afford rather than overstuffing the retailer's and manufacturer's pockets. We helped create that - what the charged, we paid. Hopefully, no more.
11/24/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
With two children in the retail business - black Friday is not their favorite day of dealing with humanity. Both my son and daughter will be at their stores at 2am in the morning waiting with open arms people crashing by and through them, being rude and obnxious in order to get a bargain. Ah, the Christmas spirit in full bloom!
11/24/2008 Melissa Harmon from Woodbridge NJ wrote:
And every year the cameras find the store where the lines and waiting are the longest and the herd the most bullish. One year I think it was to get the cabbage patch doll. Well, it's better then the pet rock. Wonder what it will be this year? I don't keep very good track of these consumer things.
11/25/2008 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
I think it quite ironic that we have a black friday that is all about consumerism when all other black fridays are about devastation...perhaps black friday is our devastation as well, we're just too blind to see it.

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