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Wedding Day +1
11/23/2008 - Michele Moore

How shall I begin? Yesterday was a lovely blur of activity. The day began with Mom making custom pancakes for the bride, her sister and brother, and the bridesmaid who is the sister's roommate. Custom because I gave them the choice of peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips, and/or blueberries as additions to their pancakes. The kids all wanted peanut butter AND chocolate chips! And I was happy to oblige. Sarah (the bride) and I laid on my bed watching the episode of Gray's Anatomy online, that aired this past Thursday night, which we had both missed. Then showers were underway, and last minute errands were run.

There were typical crises-of-the-moment like...Sarah was passed off by the person who was supposed to do her hair, to a less experienced person, and it did not turn out the way it was supposed to. She was bawling, and I am fixin' to make a call to the salon this week. Why would they do that to a bride on her very special day? And a few other hiccups that gave me cause to talk her off the proverbial ledge, emotionally speaking. Oddly, once the cake arrived and she saw how amazing it looked, it helped to turn her around, and she could believe that the event would be what she hoped.

The day was magnificent, and the wedding...simply beautiful. The reception that followed was enjoyed by everyone. The room looked magical, the food was delicious, and the festivities were the celebration we had planned. My grandson stole the show dancing his little feet off; is the music was playing, he was dancing. Naturally, I cried my way through the day...from the oment I saw my girl walking down the aisle on my husband's arm, through the ceremony, and during the father-daughter dance...happy tears flowed freely. I didn't let he who shall not be named nor his harlot ruin it for me.  I danced and laughed and sipped spumante...I had a delightful time. My dear hubby even commented that he was happy to see me so "free" last night.

Thank you all for your well-wishes, your thoughts, and your prayers...our day will be a joyous memory for years to come.

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11/23/2008 Robin Avery from Miami Shores FL wrote:
Hi Michelle, Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. It sounds very beautiful and warm. You all look so special and glowing. I never thought of a man as glowing but your son-in-law is glowing as well as your daughter. I wish them only happiness always, Robin
11/24/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
Michele - how beautiful - wish I could come up with some phrase that would express it better. You gifted me especially with memories I treasure - and you gifted all of us with your stories. Love reigns always.
11/24/2008 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
We have all shared in your joyous, even if sometimes difficult, journey. What a special experience -- though I don't have a daughter -- I hope to one day see my sons as happy as your daughter and her new husband seem to be. I loved the idea of you two watching Grey's Anatomy together the morning of - how special. The cake is amazing by the way. I'm sure you will be throwing off your shoes and putting your feet up as much as possible this week - a well deserved rest! Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
11/24/2008 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
Oh, Michele, I'm sitting here with the tears still wet on my face ---too many memories. I feel such joy for you and your family, and thank you so much for making WE part of "your family".
11/24/2008 CJ Golden from Newtown CT wrote:
Okay, so here I am - of course you are gorgeous, as is your daughter, as was the day - no surprises there - but soooo much fun and joy to see the pics. Now we can all revel in the weekend you had and rejoice in your glow. Now - for the important stuff: is the cake chocolate?
11/24/2008 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
You betcha! Chocolate cake for everyone!!!
11/24/2008 Bev Sykes from Davis CA wrote:
What a lovely report. I'm so glad that, except for the hair hitch, everything went well. The photos were lovely--and the cake looked incredible!
11/24/2008 J Peak from Plymouth MI wrote:
The day is over but the joy goes on! I can't believe you took time to watch TV that a.m., I would've been too frazzled about last minute details. You obviously have done a great job with your daughter. You all absolutely look wonderful, and absolutely happy! Tell her not to kvetch about her hair....she looks gorgeous! You are obviously radiating your own happiness in the pic. One question..you look so young..were you like 9 years old when you had her??!! Next blog.."How Michele found the fountain of youth and shares it".
11/24/2008 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
Thanks, J...I was nearly 26 when I had her. Two things have kept me relatively young looking...no three. 1) I laugh all the time...I believe joy keeps you young. 2) I have never been one to spend all kinds of time in the sun...it bores me. 3) And...I think FAT stretches out the wrinkles. You know...a natural filler. So, I suppose as I lose weight I won't have that advantage. I can live with that!!! I wish I could share all the pictures, but there isn't room for that. I'm still basking in the memory of it all. And...no time for feet up now. Thursday's Thanksgiving. There's work to be done.
11/24/2008 Bev Sykes from Davis CA wrote:
LOL. You got that right about the function of fat! The other thing it does is to provide natural insulation. Ever see a whale needing a sweater? People are always amazed that I rarely wear a coat. I figure it might as well serve SOME positive function in my life!
11/25/2008 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
Unfortunately that insulation property exacerbates hot flashes! That's why it is an exercise is futility at times to wear makeup; I will inevitably end up with a facial mudslide. Not pretty to say the least. Maybe that's one reason I enjoy cooler weather. It means freedom for me.
11/25/2008 Jan Bridgeford-Smith from Newark NY wrote:
Michele- You all look Fabulous-How wonderful-And that cake? Oooh-la-la! If pictures speak a thousand words, then it appears the JOY was everywhere that day!

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