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This Yearís Word: Trust (1/3)
10/27/2008 - Lia Hadley

At the end of last year, the artist Christine Kane wrote in her blog about her ritual of choosing chooses a word to guide her throughout the year, instead of making New Yearís resolutions. She recommended to her readers that we might try this as well. I decided to choose the word Trust to guide me through this year.

The reason that I chose Trust as my word arose from a short conversation I had with a physiotherapist, not long after reading Christineís blog post was published. The therapist was treating me for tension in my neck and shoulders. She uses a form of massage called Craniosacral, which has helped relieve the tension in the past. It not only works on specific areas of the body, but also on metaphysical organisms. At the end of one session, she tells me she thinks I have difficulties with my kidneys.

According to her, kidneys are sources of energy. They should radiate energy like a warm oven. Mine were hearths of cold ashes. She goes on to explain that in Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with an attribute. Kidneys, apparently, denote trust; did I, she asked, have any problems with trust?

Upon returning home, I made myself a hot cup of tea and asked myself this very question. Surprisingly, I started to cry when I posed the question. And, it became very clear that somewhere along the line, over the last decade, I had lost my ability to trust certain people near-and-dear to me, and, more importantly, I had lost trust in myself, in my ability to overcome existential challenges. It was equally evident, that I had to rediscover this ability.

Yitzhak Rabin said,

ďIf you have the same problem for a long time, maybe itís not a problem; maybe itís a fact

It was evident that it was time to go off and find out what Trust actually is, from both a theoretical, as well as, a practical point-of-view. I gave myself this year to study the scholars, to converse with friends, and to participate in solitary contemplation about the meaning of trust, and its importance in life.

There has been much Iíve studied and much Iíve been told. It has been a full year in this concern. Yet, I donít wish to list the information, but rather I wish to write in the next two posts about two aspects of trust that I have learnt through experience, as well as study.

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10/28/2008 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
One of my clients originated the Ayurvedic Center for Well Being in Sarasota, Dr. Light Miller, and invited me to visit her Center. It is well being of the person which extends to the spirit. She had trained in Kaya Kalpa, a branch of Ayurveda, the ancient indian mystical Medicine, popularized by Deepak Chopra. I felt as though she had given me the key to freedom of spirit and mind - to seek, to find, to understand...to trust.
10/29/2008 Lia Hadley from Luebeck SH wrote:
What a gift Ms. Miller gave to you. I was interested to read your sequence, or stepping stones, to establishing trust: to seek, to find, to understand. I've always sought and found, but there has been much that I've not been able to understand. Maybe this is why my word this year is trust. Thank you.

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