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4/2/2009 - Mary Johnston

What is the statute of limitations on storing Barbie Dolls in the garage? I canít remember the last time my daughter actually looked at these dolls, let alone played with them. Yet, she wants them to stay just where they are despite the fact that she left home nine years ago. Add to this her dance recital costumes, boom box adorned with Simba stickers, and purple prom gown in the guest room closet and we have a primitive version of ďThis Is Your Life.Ē

Iíve avoided mentioning this to my daughter, mostly because my own parents stored (free of charge) my childhood artifacts far too long. And I donít want to be a hypocrite. But finally, two years ago in the process of moving, Mom corralled her adult children and told us to take back what we wanted or lose it. Three of us are in our fifties so you can do the math on how long she graciously housed our items.

My sister occasionally complains about her adult sonís treasures which have apparently taken over her basement. (I havenít seen it myself). But I have a theory about this form of parental martyrdom. We complain, but we savor it. These items are our last tangible connections to the little girl or little boy who used to light up the hallways of our homes. Letting them go leaves room in the house, but an ache in our hearts as well.

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4/2/2009 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
What a great post, Mary! Your last couple of lines say it all. I was thinking as I read.. statute of limitations? Much longer than we think it is! I remember my mother handing me a HUGE box (really, it could've housed a person) when my new husband and I were leaving town. Every childhood memory was there. I was the last child, so I guess she was ready to be done. Me? I'm not quite so ready..
4/2/2009 LeAnn Farley from Mt. Pleasant IA wrote:
Mary, I can so identify with what you have written! I think you have hit the nail on the head. I have a plan to insist that my son take his stuff soon, but secretly I wonder how sad I am going to be if I'm successful. I wonder how common this situation is.
4/2/2009 Melissa Harmon from Woodbridge NJ wrote:
I had a friend who use to collect dolls and non-action, action figures. She was always looking for a museum to put them somewhere, beside a storage facility. http://collectdolls.about.com/library/bldollshop.htm
4/3/2009 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
Welcome to the world of mothers... I had part of my attic floored to house Charlie's treasures, excess clothing, games, cd's and assorted "things". He has no room for them where he is, and he's 42. I sent his large, stuffed tiger to his son to "protect" him. I'm never alone with reminders of Charlie all around me. My daughter is 56, and the syndrome continues...
4/3/2009 from wrote:
Mary, I have little cars and things in a box my children used to play with. Also a tiny pair of baby nail scissors, and a diaper pin I used--as I had children in the era of the cloth diaper. I can't for the life of me part with them.

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