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4/21/2010 - Carole Goldstein

Not Ready For Prime Time OR Help! Am I Just A Dreamer?

Hello everyone.  Just joined today and honestly tickled pink to find this site.  Nothing much out there for us "Women of Wisdom"  if you know what I mean.

The reason I'm writing is because I have a mad passionate idea of speaking professionally (which I already have done on a rather limited basis) but the problem is...I do not have my "signature" speech as yet.  This means a speech in which you know your subject so well, you speak it with passion, your compelling, and humorous, know your topic inside out and can give your presentation  blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back.  I can picture myself doing this but I'm not quite there yet so that is the reason I just joined up...to gain more insight in this arena so I can one day find my niche, and finally launch my speaking business.  Finding the right niche is key! otherwise you don't have a business.  I just want to do what I love and be valued and successful!    Can't wait to connect with all of you.  This is my first time EVER blogging can you believe it?  I'm scared to death of social media (but I realize its a must in business).  I know, I know, I have a lot to learn!  But that's another thing, I'm learning all the time, taking course, listening to teleconferences, etc. and right now I think I'm slowly letting analysis paralysis creep in prevening me from the actual "doing" which is another reason why I'm writing...I'm thinking about all these puzzle pieces that need to get put together before I can become successful and frankly, it scares the hell out of me!!  Thanks for listenig!!  Carole.


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4/21/2010 Jamie Dedes from Menlo Park CA wrote:
How fabulous! You dipped your toe in the water despite your fear. Congrat's, Carole.
4/21/2010 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
Welcome Carole! It's wonderful to have you here and you picked the best place to begin your blogging experience. We are loving, gentle, kind and supportive people ~ and many of us were once new the this arena as well. None of us our tech snobs and yet we understand its value. there are many terrific women who blog on this site who can offer you support, perspective and laughter. You can help but grow as you participate here. It's a thriving and wonderful community of women. I look forward to reading your future blogs!
4/22/2010 from wrote:
Carole, how wonderful to hear that enthusiasm and hope in your first blog. I think you did excellently! I don't think any of us will judge you on anything. We all come from different places, and spheres of life and it's so interesting to read the different perspectives we all take on the subjects that are posted. Sometimes the site is really active, at other times it's kind of slow----doesn't mean that lots of ladies who don't post aren't reading! Many are nervous to post, I'm sure, but everyone is welcome--I'm sure of that, too. I have gained confidence to speak my mind whilst being here.
4/22/2010 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
Welcome Carole. Good to have you on board. Very proud that you are taking this huge step into blogging and that chose this site to do it. Best wishes with your business plan. We are here to help if you need us.

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